John Rosemond


Generation Next was delighted to have hosted a seminar with the legendary family psychologist John Rosemond in the fall of 2014. Mr. Rosemond has written several books aimed around the parenting and raising of young children throughout his career, and his time with us was centered around his New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children. These points are listed below. If you would like to watch the video presentation of these points as they were presented to us, please see a member of management.


Point 1: The secret to raising a happy, successful child is to give more attention to your marriage than you give to your child. 

Point 2: The clue to proper parenting is to be both authoritatively loving and lovingly authoritative. In the real world, there is no possibility of a truly democratic relationship between parents and children-not as long as the children live at home and rely on parents for emotional, social, and economic protections. 

Point 3: Our job as parents is to socialize our children. In order for children to become successful at the three Rs of reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, their parents must first teach them the three Rs of respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness. 

Point 4: Frustration isn't necessarily bad for children. In fact, a certain amount is absolutely essential to healthy character formation and emotional growth. 

Point 5: Children need forms of play and exercise that require imagination, initiative, creativity, intelligence, resourcefulness, and self-reliance. Making do is not only the essence of truly creative play-which is itself the essence of childhood-it's also the story of the advancement of the human race. 

Point 6: Television, computers, and video games are constantly blinking, tasteless, odor-free counterfeits of the real world. Too much of their use encumbers children's development and is unhealthy for the family as a unit, so parents need to start early and limit their children's exposure. 



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