PIT (Parents Interacting Together)

The PIT is designed as a gathering point for parents to interact and share ideas. It includes a big screen T.V. for parents to monitor their child’s classroom. Every Friday the center will celebrate school and learning with a pep rally, singing and doing chants about Generation Next and Finley the Firefly, our mascot. The PIT is also designed for children to have the opportunity during the day to engage in story time or other quiet activities.

Coffee Galley

Our galley is for our busy parents to help themselves to coffee.

Creative Art Center

Generation Next provides children with a creative art center for children to explore and create.


Children get the opportunity to eat snacks and lunch in our specially designed cafeteria. Not only does it keep our classrooms looking great, it's especially helpful in teaching children transitions that will become even more important in elementary school and so on. 

Inside Environment

Generation Next will provide materials and equipment that will stimulate your child. Our educators will motivate your child and provide challenging experiences that stimulate curiosity.

Outside Environment

Generation Next provides equipment for maximum opportunities for your child’s physical development. We use playgrounds as a learning environment.

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